Client Case Study - Cognique & Xero

Cognique moved their bookkeeping and management information to Xero during 2015 and here they explain why it’s one of the best things that they have done for their business…

“Cognique are a busy marketing agency and like any growing business, it’s vital that we concentrate on serving our clients and making sure that their needs come first” comments Nigel Reece, Owner of Cognique. “That means that it is crucial that for managing our own business we have the important information at our fingertips when we need it.”

Cognique helps businesses grow through effective, integrated marketing. They work with ambitious start-ups, Owner Managed Businesses’ and professional services companies creating a full cocktail of marketing activity. This includes website, commercial graphic design, e-marketing, content marketing and digital marketing. As already very busy people Xero was the answer for them, giving them easy access to all of their finances intuitively and really maximising the time they have to make forward thinking business decisions.

With its easy to read dashboard it serves up a user friendly overview of their finances, and gives them the functionality to drill down into the reporting of their cashflow, VAT return and Budget Manager. “All of which gives us so much more insight than we’ve ever had before”, comments Nigel.

Nigel goes on to say, “Xero has really benefited Cognique by saving us time, reassuring us that our cashflow is good as well as making it easier for us, our bookkeeper and accountant to have a full, transparent view of our finances.”

The integration with their current system Harvest which they use for timesheet management, estimating, invoicing and tracking project budgets meant that it was a smooth transition. They can easily add the invoices that they generate in Harvest to their Xero account and when they mark them as paid in Xero it automatically updates Harvest.

Wherever they are they can log into their account and check the state of their accounts asking questions such as; has that bill been paid? Does that invoice need chasing? How’s the cash flow looking? And that’s just the day-to-day. The information provided helps them look forward and future-proof their finances. For example they can answer questions as to whether they could afford to employ a new member of staff?

Nigel Reece, comments “Old Mill aren’t just our accountants. They work with us to plan the future financial success of our business and our employees and their partnering with Xero is exactly the kind of forward-thinking, added value today’s businesses need.

“Stacey Morrison has helped us enormously with this transition and she did all the background bank linking, set up and populated our Xero account. She also trained us and continues to invite Cognique to on-going seminars, making sure that we get the most out of our Xero experience.”

For more information about Cognique go to or contact Nigel Reece on 01749 678721 or nigel{at}cognique{dot}co{dot}uk.

Watch their video client case study about Xero here…

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