Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme – An Update

20 June 2018

The productivity funding scheme has, so far, proven incredibly popular, with the aim of helping farmers to buy the equipment they need to boost productivity, increase yields and save time.

More than 3,500 grants worth £23.5 million has so far been awarded to successful applicants, but it has not been a positive experience for everyone and you may be one of the unlucky applicants reading this.

If you applied online for the Small Grant Scheme in March 2018, you may have experienced some issues with the lead times for the purchase of equipment. With 150 days to claim, this could be deemed unrealistic but there are some positive changes afoot…

The Rural Payments Agency (RPA) are now giving grant applicants greater flexibility. Farmers can purchase their equipment and submit their claims within the 150 day deadline with the option to take delivery of their equipment once the 150 day deadline is up. They will then also receive payment once the item has been delivered.

If you took the decision to withdraw your application, there is now a second round of funding you can take advantage of, due to open in the autumn where you will have the option to reinstate your application now or in the next round. The RPA should be contacting grant recipients who withdrew their application for livestock handling equipment due to these issues, to inform them of their options. If you have any other supply issues, these should be discussed with the RPA separately.

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