Guest Spot: White Avon Consultancy - Rural Grants Update

3 May 2018

There is a huge amount of grant funding available for rural businesses and deadlines for applications are looming.

Below are a few examples of projects that we have recently applied for:

• Farm shops and holiday accommodation – we continue to see an uptake in businesses diversifying into farm shops or expanding existing farm shops, for which the RDPE tourism grant will help fund infrastructure costs to increase tourism.
• Commercial units – if you are considering converting agricultural buildings into commercial units or developing a rural business park – the RDPE business grant will help fund business development projects.
• On-Farm Food Processing – Projects to date have included a new egg packing plant, a milk vending machine and an ice cream making line – the RDPE food grant will help fund up to £1 million for food processing equipment for farm businesses and micro and small rural businesses.
• Collaborative projects – the RDPE agri-food grant provides funding for projects such as the recent application we have prepared for a client to invest in a new collaborative grain store facility, with grain dryer, weighbridge and moisture meter.
• Equipment to improve productivity – the RDPE farm productivity grant has funding available for items such as robotic equipment, slurry management
equipment and battery storage.
• LEADER – The LEADER grant is still available in some areas, it offers funding from £2,500 up to £100,000 of grant money per business, but funds will only be available until 29 March 2019. Applications need to be assessed, contracts awarded, and the work completed, therefore the last applications must be submitted by September 2018 at the latest.

Countryside Stewardship
The Countryside Stewardship Scheme is open again this year for applications, with the addition of various packages through the mid-tier scheme (see table opposite for details). There are multiple options available for grassland, arable land, historic/archaeological features and organic land. There is also a wide range of capital items available, such as fencing, hedge planting and laying, to concreting and roofing a livestock loafing area. These are a great opportunity to obtain funding for farm improvements.

To apply for CSS this year (for an agreement to start on 1 January 2019), a pack must be ordered by 31 May 2018 and submitted by 31 July 2018.

Countryside Stewardship options

Examples of Options Available 

£/hectare or metre

GS2 – Permanent grassland with very low inputs


BE3 – Management of Hedgerows


AB9 – Winter Bird Food


AB2 – Basic Overwinter Stubble


GS17 – Lenient Grazing Supplement


SW1 – 4m to 6m Buffer Strips on cultivated land


SW6 – Winter Cover Crops


FG2 – Fencing


RP15 – Concrete Yard Renewal

£27.14/sq m

RP28 – Roofing (sprayer washdown area, manure storage area, slurry stores etc.)

£62/sq m


Dates to remember



RDPE Growth Programme – Business Development, Tourism, Food Processing

31 May 2018 for first stage

RDPE Countryside Productivity – Agri-Food

29 June 2018 for first stage

RDPE Countryside Productivity – Farm Productivity

31 December 2018 for the only stage


No deadline confirmed, but no funding after 29 March 2019

T: 01249 750151

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