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Helping farms optimise their tax position is a core activity of the rural teams within Old Mill. It is a general truth that we have yet to meet the farmer who wants to pay more tax than he needs to keep within the law.

Farming over the years has developed a large number of taxes and tax allowances which are peculiar to itself. Everytime a new tractor is bought or a purchase of land thought about there are fresh tax considerations to be taken into account.

This is why Old Mill has over 60 specialist farm accountants working solely on farm accounts. As well as this we have a team of rural tax specialists who can deal with the more complex tax issues around land purchase and disposal as well as Inheritance Tax and farm succession.

Many of our rural teams come from farming families and have a deep understanding and empathy with farming and what farmers are aiming to achieve.

The Old Mill focus on farm tax gives us a much greater spread of knowledge about tax issues than is likely to be available to the general accountant.

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