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Forensic Accounting

Our experienced forensic accounting team at Old Mill provide expert witness, expert determination and advisory services in disputes relating to quantum, business valuation and accounting issues.

Our experience and expertise in the food and agriculture industries, means that most of our cases are related to farming, food and related businesses. We often work alongside specialist agricultural litigators but also work directly with claimants or defendants, and with loss adjusters or other insurance professionals.

Combining accounting, auditing and investigative skills with commercial and industry experience, our specialist forensic accountants gather and analyse the financial evidence to provide opinions and advice, frequently providing expert evidence in a report suitable for use in a court of law. 

Cases on which we might typically be appointed include:  

  • Commercial disputes, including: contaminated feedstuffs, diseased animals, faulty farm machinery/equipment, crop damage, professional negligence
  • Landlord and tenant disputes – including succession applications;
  • Banking disputes
  • Partnership and shareholder disputes
  • Divorce

For more information on forensic accounting and to find out how our businesses can work together, contact Mark Shelton on 01749 335055 or email mark{dot}shelton{at}oldmillgroup{dot}co{dot}uk

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