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Old Mill offer a wide range of services to the whole practice:

  • Joint marketing initiatives. During any year we help stage many joint marketing events with solicitor practices and other professional business partners. These could effectively help increase profile with each others’ client bases, strengthening existing client relationships and helping to introduce new ones. Activities include business breakfasts, farmers’ meetings, IHT and tax planning meetings, guest spots in each others’ newsletters and social events
  • Practice structure. We help practices consider the options for the best and most tax efficient structure for their business be it partnership, LLP, Limited Company or a combination of these. There is no one size fits all and we carry out feasibility studies to help practices decide what is best for them
  • Benchmarking. Our breadth of work allows us present value benchmarking information against KPI’s so you can compare the performance of your practice with other’s in the industry
  • Solicitors Account Rules report. We have teams of staff with considerable experience of SAR audits and these staff ensure we keep you fully up to date with changing requirements
  • Partnership or Company accounts. We have looked after the accounting requirements for solicitor practice clients for many years and always ensure this is carried out in a tax efficient manner

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