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Cross Border Trading - VAT

Trading across international borders brings with it a variety of challenges, particularly from an indirect tax perspective.

To identify the optimum VAT or customs duty treatment of a transaction, businesses need a thorough understanding of a complex set of rules and to be aware of the statistical reporting requirements.

At Old Mill we have the necessary knowledge and experience to support you when you trade internationally. We can give you the confidence that your cross border taxation obligations have been identified and met.

If the following questions are on your mind, we can help;

  • B2C Sales to EU Customers – Should I be registered for VAT elsewhere in Europe? Which country’s VAT do I charge? Can you help me register?
  • B2B Sales to EU Customers – When don’t I need to charge UK VAT ? How do I report such transactions? When am I required to register overseas?
  • Exports – What evidence do I need to retain to support zero-rating?
  • Acquisitions from the EU – What are my VAT return reporting obligations?
  • Imports from outside the EU – How do I minimise or defer my Customs Duty bill? How can I clear goods more efficiently?
  • Foreign VAT – Should I have been charged it? Can I reclaim?TIAG-logo
  • Cross Border Services – In which country are my charges subject to VAT? Who accounts for VAT, me or my customer? What rule changes took place on 1 January 2010, and again on 1 January 2011?
  • VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists and Intrastate Declarations – When do I need to complete? What entries are required?

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